martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Introduction Of ME

All the way to hell and back.
Hey, this is me. Johny Fredd, as my future wife likes to call me. To begin with theres nothing special about me. Just another human been on a human body. I was attending college at Kenansville, NC . (the map will shuw you where is JSCC)  My mayor was Graphic Design a career I love like anything else. I left such career because of confuse thought's earlier. Leaving my dream is something I regret. Yet it helped me become more aware of the life. Its not the only thing i have left in the past. Years ago I left mi family and my friends when i give up high school. (thats weird, according to teachers i've always been a succesful student, for some reazon I never felt like it) I like helping others to reach what ever they want to get, however I always end up giving up on own goals.
I recently visited my hometown again. I visited friends I have, or had. Some of them told me not to give up. This vist help me understand, that I have to start acomplishing my goals. I am 21 Years old and still have nothing but a 2000 chevy blazer. (thats a shame because Im a Ford Fan) So I guess thats a good start. I cant lose anything because, well I dont have anything. So 2012 will be my year of reborn.

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