martes, 24 de abril de 2012

Life 101

Well today was a TV show episode type of day. Almost everything happend:
To start up with I got a police infraction on police check point in the morning. (it was my fault  I understand, im not complaining) Later then I went college because my class was having an art show. (used to be my class) I just left my stuff around so they can expose something. As i have mention earlier in post, I was about to leave school.
Later that day for some reazon I went to pick up my cap. When I was already there, I decided to visit an old friend. My ex-psycology teacher  PhD DR. Hendrix. When I walked in I he ask how where things going: I answered "they are going" and then I said "I just came here to here some sanity". He laught and said "well I dont think you can some of that here". The real thing is, he give me a 15 minute therapy that got me back on track. He told me, I'm the only one who know what is good for me. True that one... he appears to be the only one who doesn't think im crazy for, wanting to join the military. Yes I'm not crazy he said. I believe the man, He have a PhD. The man know what he is talking about. Later then he said im been to pushed by my family. So I'm goint to lay a little bit off them for a while.
On my way back to work, a sand strom traped me. Fields do get dengerous when is windy. I stop not only to watch the sand but, to think how am I going to take life now. I got a Recipe, Want to know about it. Really. Really, ok here it goes. Is called "All the way to hell, and back"
And tomorrow im going to watch a movie with my cousing Diana. (american reunion) seriously I would rather see Titanic on 3D, they say that if you see it backward you see people saving there selfs.

By the way I switch the fonts in the first  paragraphs.

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